Cashmerefrufrù is the research philosophy of the materials used for the realization of our products. It is our choice to respect the environment, thanks to the use of fibers with low environmental impact, such as organic cotton, raw cotton, wool, bamboo and our new friend: cashmere. Cashmere, the gold fiber of the textile world, has unique properties. It is obtained by combing the fleece of the Hircus goats living on the highlands of Asia. The best quality cashmere is produced in the regions of the Helan Mountains, Ningxia, Chinese Mongolia and in the desert areas of the Mongolian People’s Republic. In order to survive the low temperatures of those lands, this animal has developed a very soft and very fine undercoat under the thicker guard hairs.

In Mongolia, where Hircus goats live, the lifestyle and harmony between man and nature are fundamental characteristics. An extraordinary relationship binds these animals, who carry so much preciousness on their shoulders, to their breeders who as a result have developed a harvesting process, almost a ritual, which is repeated every year for centuries.

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