Elizabeth Muslin

Elizabeth Muslin

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Composition: 70% bamboo - 30% double gauze raw cotton

Measures:  60 cm x 60 cm  (+2 cm)

Maintenance : washing at 30°is recommended. Roll out to dry. Normal ironing.

Made in Italy, with love.

Muslin is loved by mothers because:

- Protects mom and baby during breastfeeding.

- It is a base for changing diapers.

- The child can play on it.

- It is a shoulder protector, in case of regurgitation.

- It is a towel, bathrobe, gag and light cover

- Protects children from rubbing when placed on car seats and strollers;

- Swaddle the baby in case of colic

- It is a washable diaper to be used instead of the absorbent insert;

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